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Games in the "Earthsiege / Starsiege" Franchise

Metaltech: EarthSiege
1994 - Metaltech: EarthSiege
Blast into the Cybrid era. We had it coming. We created Cybrids with breakthrough AI to perform dangerous tasks with lightning precision. But we should never have taught them to fight. One apocalypse later, the Earth lies in ruin from these heavy metal marauders. You and your squad of HERCULAN...
Metaltech: Battledrome
1995 - Metaltech: Battledrome
Thundering robotic combat for those who have the guts! If you think you have the skill to be top warrior and the courage to back it up - then step up to the challenge of Battledrome! High tension and high stakes fill the Battledrome arena as fully articulated HERCULANs wield their might...
Metaltech: Earthsiege - Expansion Pack
1995 - Metaltech: Earthsiege - Expansion Pack
Metaltech: Earthsiege - Expansion Pack is a Simulation game, developed by Dynamix and published by Sierra Entertainment, which was released in Europe in 1995.
Earthsiege 2
1996 - Earthsiege 2
Cybrid HERCs, created by man to do men's bidding, turned on their creators and initiated a 20-year guerrilla battle for control of the earth and its distant colonies. Now they've assembled in massive numbers, preparing for a final assault on earth. For them it is victory or death, and death has...
MissionForce: CyberStorm
1996 - MissionForce: CyberStorm
Take control of the ultimate war strategy game and battle for the future of mankind, as you command the most destructive warriors in the history of Cybrid confrontation. Genetically engineered Bioderms are the pilots you customize and send into the fray. Linked to Herc fighters, they combine to...
Hunter Hunted
1996 - Hunter Hunted
MAN VS. BEAST IN NONSTOP CARNAGE You are the perfect specimen - the biggest, the baddest, the best of the best. Selected as the representative of your species, you will prove your superiority in bloodsport. Are you man or beast? Make the choice and pursue your enemy through flesh-eating tunnels...
Cyberstorm 2: Corporate Wars
1998 - Cyberstorm 2: Corporate Wars
Intense combat! Unleash an arsenal of weapons to save your clan from exploding enemy fire in the most intense cyber battle ever. Set in a war-torn future where cyberpods from rival clans battle over planetary turf, your missions are complex and your options are endless. Enjoy challenging solo...
Starsiege Tribes
1998 - Starsiege Tribes
Starsiege Tribes is an Action game, developed by Dynamix and published by Sierra Entertainment, which was released in 1998.
1999 - Starsiege
Starsiege is a Simulation game, developed by Dynamix and published by Sierra Entertainment, which was released in 1999.
Tribes 2
2001 - Tribes 2
PC, Linux
TEAM COMBAT ON AN EPIC SCALE! STAND ALONE AND YOU SHALL DIE! DATE: 3941 A.D. The Tribes of Man face a new threat: The BioDerm Horde. Genetically engineered as a slave race, The Horde is driving toward the heart of the Empire in an explosive frenzy of rage and violence. Humanity must perish......
Tribes Aerial Assault
2002 - Tribes Aerial Assault
PlayStation 2
Run, jump, and fly across massive battlefields in jetpack-equipped armor as you compete with 14 other players from around the world. In Tribes: Aerial Assault, you choose between different roles and different game types, including an 11-mission single-player campaign and a Capture-the-Flag battle...
Tribes: Vengeance
2004 - Tribes: Vengeance
In Tribes: Vengeance, you'll become immersed in an intense space opera as Tribes fight over land and resources. Throughout the game, you can experience the full scope of the single-player story through multiple viewpoints and characters. The world is brought to life with characters that have...
Tribes: Ascend
2012 - Tribes: Ascend
Tribes: Ascend is the worlds fastest shooter. The game features jetpacks, skiing, vehicles, team-based gameplay, and cutting-edge graphics using Unreal 3 technology.
Tribes Fast Attack
Canceled - Tribes Fast Attack
Tribes Fast Attack is an Action game, developed by Midway Studios - Austin and published by Sierra Entertainment, which was cancelled before it was released.


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