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Games in the "Talespin" Franchise

Disney's TaleSpin
1991 - Disney's TaleSpin (1991)
NES, Game Boy
Strap on your seat belt! Here's rollicking fun with Baloo Bear and his cargo plane, the Mini-Sea Duck. He's out delivering goods to all the people in the cape. But Don Karnage and his goofy band of pirates are hot on Baloo's tail wind, trying to swipe the cargo! It's high-flying adventure as...
Disney's TaleSpin
1991 - Disney's TaleSpin
TurboGrafx-16, Genesis, GameGear
Soar into the wild blue yonder with Kit and Baloo, your madcap buddies. Scramble to win the world's zaniest flying contest ever, in Higher for Hire's famous flying machine, the Sea Duck. The prize: a lucrative air-transport contract and glory for all! Fly in the face of adversity as you compete...