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Games in the "Iron Soldier" Franchise

Iron Soldier
1994 - Iron Soldier
The Iron Soldier, or I.S., is a 42 foot tall piloted robot that has been stolen from the Iron Fist Corporation by a bunch of rebels. They want you to pilot it. Arm yourself with a giant Assault Rifle, Oil-drop sized Hand Grenades, or other massive weapons. Use them to stop the evil Machinations...
Iron Soldier 2
1997 - Iron Soldier 2
Jaguar CD, Jaguar
Pilot your 42 foot mech robot through 20 new missions against the evil Penta Forces. Dramatically enhanced 3-D graphics create a virtual battlefield with war waged in all 360 degrees. Outfit your Iron Soldier with combinations of 12 weapons systems and begin your fight. With full motion video,...
Iron Soldier 3
2000 - Iron Soldier 3
PlayStation, Nuon
Since the destruction of Iron Fist corporation, the United Republic has been under constant attack by Penta. Penta, once a rival corporation of Iron Fist, has taken control of the cities and wastelands using military force in an effort to establish a worldwide military dictatorship. Intelligence...