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Games in the "Cannon Fodder" Franchise

Cannon Fodder
1993 - Cannon Fodder
Amiga, PC, Super Nintendo, 3DO, Genesis, Atari ST, Amiga CD32, Acorn Archimedes, Jaguar, Game Boy Color, PSP
Don't wait till you see the whites of their eyes! Don't kid yourself it will all be over by Christmas! Don't try to shut out the screams! And don't forget to wash your hands afterwards. CANNON FODDER. War has never been so much fun!
Cannon Fodder 2
1994 - Cannon Fodder 2
Amiga, PC
ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH Your battalion's on the march, there are snipers around every corner and you've forgotten to pack your sandwiches. This is the grim reality of modern warfare. Now you can experience it for yourself, as the battle-hardened troopers we lovingly call Cannon Fodder, cock...
Cannon Fodder (Codemasters)
2005 - Cannon Fodder (Codemasters)
Cannon Fodder (Codemasters) is an Action game, developed by Telcogames and published by Codemasters, which was released in 2005.
Cannon Fodder 3
2012 - Cannon Fodder 3
Cannon Fodder 3 is a tactical action game, which inherited the style and traditions of the original game. The war goes on and its scale is nearly the same as before. 500 conscripts are sent to meet their destiny. What awaits them? A general's stars or a bed of honor?
Cannon Fodder (Kuju Entertainment)
TBA - Cannon Fodder (Kuju Entertainment)
Cannon Fodder (Kuju Entertainment) is an Action game, developed by Tower Studios and published by Kuju Entertainment, with no announced release date.


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