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Games in the "Double Dribble" Franchise

Double Dribble
1986 - Double Dribble
Arcade Games, Famicom Disk System, NES, Dedicated Console, Commodore 64, PC, Amiga
Finally, it's here! The basketball game you've dreamed of. The first home game with 5 on 5, full court, board-banging action. A contest with graphics so real, they'll knock your high-tops off. Ready to captain your team to the title, you bolt into the arena with electricity in your fingers and...
Double Dribble: 5 on 5
1991 - Double Dribble: 5 on 5
Game Boy
IT'S TIME FOR A LITTLE HARDWOOD HYSTERIA Your coach leads the team in a pre-game moment of silence. The only sound heard from the locker room is the methodical dripping of a leaky showerhead. Then, with intensity in his eyes, coach looks up and growls "Time to crash the boards!" The screams of...
Double Dribble: The Playoff Edition
1994 - Double Dribble: The Playoff Edition
Slam dunk your friends! Get ready for the game of your life. You've reached the Playoffs, there's only 16 teams left - the question is can you handle the heat? With eight-player simultaneous action, basketball has never been so tough!
Double Dribble Fastbreak
2010 - Double Dribble Fastbreak
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
The classic Konami basketball game Double Dribble is back! Double Dribble Fastbreak has all the classic gameplay action you love, plus all new features. With the new fastbreak system, your opponents wont know what hit them.


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