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Games in the "WWII (Midas Interactive Entertainment)" Franchise

WWII: Soldier
2005 - WWII: Soldier
PlayStation 2
1944: 'Operation Night Strike' - An American General has been captured and is being held hostage in a remote castle in the Swiss Alps deep behind enemy lines. The General must be rescued as he holds vital information to assist the allies in the war effort. Your mission is to infiltrate the enemy...
WWII: Tank Battles
2006 - WWII: Tank Battles
PlayStation 2
There is nothing more frightening, more fearful that the appearance of attack tanks on the battlefield. Huge hunks of steel with awesome strength and destructive firepower - they can turn the tide of war with a few resounding booms from their gun turrets. In World War II: Tank Battles you are...
WWII: Battle Over The Pacific
2006 - WWII: Battle Over The Pacific
PC, PlayStation 2, PSP
The war has moved to the toughest theatre of conflict: the fight for control of the Pacific. You are the free world's only chance at turning the tide and reclaiming the Pacific for the Allied Nations. Push your piloting skill to the limit against a vicious enemy armed with a vast array of tanks,...
WWII: Battle Over Europe
2007 - WWII: Battle Over Europe
PlayStation 2
The battle for control of the skies during wartime Europe produced many heroes. Now it's your chance to fly alongside those World War II aces, battling for dominance across the skies of Britain, Normandy and beyond. The skies of Europe are yours to defend. It's time to do your duty!


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