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Games in the "Big Mutha Truckers" Franchise

Big Mutha Truckers
2002 - Big Mutha Truckers
PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC, GameCube, DS, Game Boy Advance
It's a redneck family fight to see who inherits the family trucking business. As one of four zany characters in Big Mutha Truckers including Bobbie-Sue, Cletus, Earl, and Rawkus, you have 60 days to earn the most money by hauling cargo. Drive various massive 18-wheelers around five cities as you...
Big Mutha Truckers 2
2005 - Big Mutha Truckers 2
Xbox, PlayStation 2, PC
Dear sweet ol' Ma got busted! She's locked up tighter'n a big rig's brakes on a 40° grade. Ma's kids gotta git her some justice by bribin' six members of her jury - if they kin find 'em. And so Bobbie-Sue, Cletus, Earl and Rawkus set off once agin to buy an' sell goods all over Hick State...