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Games in the "Retro Classix" Franchise

1986 - BreakThru (1987)
Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum, Arcade Games, Amstrad CPC, NES, Nintendo Switch, PC
Accomplish your mission with your highly sophisticated assault vehicle to BREAK THRU each of the five enemy strongholds! Travel through the mountains, bridges and cities to reach the airfield. Impenetrable enemy forces impede your progress; tanks, helicopters, jeeps, landmines and more stand in...
Express Raider
1986 - Express Raider
Arcade Games, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum, PSP, Nintendo Switch, PC
Just like in the classic Wild West films of old, you'll be in the thick of the action right from the start! Hold-ups, robberies and roof-top fights, EXPRESS RAIDER has them all!
SRD Super Real Darwin
1987 - SRD Super Real Darwin
Arcade Games, Nintendo Switch, PC
In a galaxy far away, the technologically advanced planet of Lakya faces a crisis. Its inhabitants have unknowingly untethered the planet's life force, Evol, which now radiates away from the planet. When the Evol force reaches the nearby planet Cokyo, its inhabitants initiate their plans to...
Two Crude
1990 - Two Crude Dudes
Arcade Games, Genesis, Nintendo Switch, PC
The once-grand city of New York, leveled twenty years earlier by a nuclear strike, is once again under siege - this time by a twisted scientist and his mass of mutations. Only Two Crude Dudes can stop the invasion!
Super BurgerTime
1990 - Super BurgerTime
Arcade Games, Zeebo, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4
You are Peter Pepper Jr., son of legendary chef Peter Pepper from the classic arcade game BurgerTime. In this new adventure, you and your twin brother Pete Pepper Jr. (in two-player mode) must outmaneuver and outwit enemies while cooking delicious burgers. Run through each maze-like level...
Fighter's History
1993 - Fighter's History
Arcade Games, Super Nintendo, Nintendo Switch, PC
You're invited as one of the master champions to engage in Fighter's History The world awaits for a legend to arrive. An ultimate honor for someone who is willing to risk it all in this content "Fighter's History." By mysterious invitation you are to join the greatest martial arts masters of...
Night Slashers
1993 - Night Slashers
Arcade Games, Nintendo Switch, PC
Monsters, mutants, and the walking dead have taken over! Now it's up to three fearless brawlers from around the globe to unite and do battle against the horrific forces run amok. Punch, kick, and slam your way through werewolves, mummies, vampires, and even Death himself to eradicate the...
Joe & Mac Returns
1994 - Joe & Mac Returns
Arcade Games, Nintendo Switch, PC
Best cave-bros Joe & Mac are back in action! The local cave women have been kidnapped once again, so it's up to these stone-age superstars to rescue them from the clutches of baddies all across the land. With color-coordinated grass skirts and clubs big enough to send shockwaves at their foes,...
Wizard Fire
2010 - Wizard Fire
Zeebo, PC, PlayStation 4
Also known in some markets as Dark Seal II, Wizard Fire is a classic multiplayer action RPG originally released in 1992. Set in the 4th century A.D., in the Empire of Aul where the evil wizard Zenon plans to sacrifice one hundred one innocent lives to open the Dragon Shrine. With this power,...


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