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Games in the "Legends Flashback" Franchise

Legends Flashback Blast!
2018 - Legends Flashback Blast!
Dedicated Console
Have a Blast! with one of the biggest arcade games of all time, Space Invaders! Use your laser cannon to defeat wave-after-wave of alien monsters in this colorful adaptation of the mega-hit. If that's not enough, explore the rest of this collection of classics featuring some of the greatest...
Legends Flashback (2018)
2018 - Legends Flashback (2018)
Dedicated Console
HDMI game console with classic games built-in. Comes with wired joypad controllers, SD card slot and 50 classic games! * HDMI Video Output (720p) * Comes with two Wired Game Controllers * SD Card Slot * Save/Load/Rewind all Games * Plug & Play on HD TVs
Legends Flashback
2019 - Legends Flashback
Dedicated Console
Legends Flashback is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by AtGames, which was released in 2019.


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