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Games in the "Gundam Breaker" Franchise

Gundam Breaker
2013 - Gundam Breaker
PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita
Collect parts with your friends! The strongest is the Gundam you create! Gundam Breaker is an unprecedented Gundam action game with a Gunpla motif! Destroy the approaching enemies, collect parts, and customize your own aircraft! Control the strongest and best of my aircraft and defeat the huge...
Gundam Breaker 2
2014 - Gundam Breaker 2
PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita
Gundam Breaker 2 is an action game where you can freely rearrange parts such as the head, torso, and arms of the "Gundam" series plastic model (commonly known as Gunpla) to create your own original Gunpla and fight. Destroy the approaching enemy Gunpla, steal and collect parts. You can also...
Gundam Breaker 3
2016 - Gundam Breaker 3
PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita
Gundam Breaker 3 delivers exhilarating sensation to players as they destroy incoming hostile Gunplas, gathering those parts and seek to construct their very own Gundam in this creative destruction battle action game! Compete against rivals from all over the world in Gunpla battles that stretch...
New Gundam Breaker
2018 - New Gundam Breaker
PlayStation 4, PC
Collect Gunpla parts with friends, and make the ultimate Gundam! Defeat your enemies with your Gunpla model, collect their parts, and use them to make and battle with your own custom Gundam in this all-new Gunpla action game! All's fair in love and Gunpla parts in New Gundam Breaker?! Power is...

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