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Games in the "Davis Cup Tennis" Franchise

Davis-Cup Tennis
1991 - Davis-Cup Tennis
Challenge 32 top-seeded international pros in explosive court action, or take on your friends with tons of real playing options and a true player's view! Command an arsenal of pinpoint serves and powerful baseline passing shots. Attack the net with topspin or dropshot volleys. Then destroy your...
The Davis Cup Tennis
1992 - The Davis Cup Tennis
Turbo CD
The Davis Cup Tennis is a Sports game, developed by Loriciels and published by Micro World, which was released in Japan in 1992.
Davis Cup Tennis
1993 - Davis Cup Tennis (1993)
This super-realistic action-packed tennis sim has everything you could want, including tournament competitions, fantastic animated graphics, two-player split-screen action, video replays, real speech and mid-match stat screens with player rankings. It's game, set and match to Davis Cup World Tour.
Davis Cup Complete Tennis
1996 - Davis Cup Complete Tennis
The Davis Cup tournament is the only true 'World Cup' of tennis. The tournament, running since 1900 now has participants from 115 countries and features the world's top players. Now you can take part in the excitement by trying your skills with Complete Davis Cup Tennis. Featuring the amazing...
Davis Cup Tennis
2002 - Davis Cup Tennis
Game Boy Advance
Enter a battle among tennis legends. With 142 nations abattling to possess the Silver Trophy, the biggest war of the tennis world is about to begin! Play in the Davis CupTournament or challenge friends to fierce 2-on-2 multiplayer matches. Gain experience points for your team and pit them against...


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