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Games in the "Legacy: Witch Island" Franchise

Legacy: Witch Island
2013 - Legacy: Witch Island
Macintosh, PC
An ordinary hot air balloon ride turns extraordinary when you accidentally wind up on a mysterious island. When it is revealed that this mystical land is ruled by an evil witch, you begin to realize that your arrival is not a coincidence, and the loyal people of the island are depending on you to...
Legacy: Witch Island 2
2019 - Legacy: Witch Island 2
Macintosh, PC
You are back on the mystery island and it's clear your previous adventure wasn't a dream. The island really exists, and the witch has regained her power. Use your knowledge and wits to break her hold on the island. Your path lays through dazzling island locations -- a mystery forest, mountain,...
Legacy: Witch Island Origin
2019 - Legacy: Witch Island Origin
PC, Macintosh
After finding a strange watch along a wooded trail, you and your sister could never have imagined the kind of trouble it would bring. Not long after taking the watch home, your sister mysteriously disappears and the watch falls into pieces. During your search, you suddenly find yourself in an...
Legacy: Witch Island 3
2020 - Legacy: Witch Island 3
PC, Macintosh
Your next hidden object adventure on Witch Island is about to begin! You've learned that parallel worlds exist and that they are inextricably linked what happens to a someone in one world will similarly affect the other. To save your own world, you must take flight with a magical swan and begin...


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