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The Adventures of Batman & Robin
1994 - The Adventures of Batman & Robin (1994)
Super Nintendo
Now there is The Adventures of Batman and Robin. "What's the difference?" you ask. Precisely,. Batman battles through the eight toughest levels of villainy to hit your TV screen. You'll be dazzled by the animation-style graphics. You'll be awed by great sound and a stirring musical score....
The Adventures of Batman & Robin
1995 - The Adventures of Batman & Robin
Sega CD, GameGear, Genesis
Robin and Commissioner Gordon have mysteriously disappeared, and Batman suspects kidnapping. Have our two comrades succumb to the deadly beauty of Poison Ivy? Does the Riddler know the answer? Or will The Joker have the last laugh? Tune in on Sega CD to find out!
The Adventures of Batman and Robin Activity Center
1996 - The Adventures of Batman and Robin Activity Center
Have fun learning and playing as you explore the world of Batman and Robin. Click a button to enter The Batcave, Wayne Manor, or the streets of Gotham City where you'll find engaging activities, exciting games and mind-bending puzzles. Based in the hit TV series from Warner Bros. Animation, The...
Batman & Robin
1997 - Batman & Robin (1997)
An evil chill confronts Batman and Robin. The sinister Mr. Freeze intends to remake Gotham City in the image of his own cold heart. Encouraged by the diabolical Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze plans to steal all the city's diamonds. Playing as Batman or Robin, it's your mission to put these criminals in...
Batman & Robin
1998 - Batman & Robin
A doomsday clock is ticking. 72 hours until Mr. Freeze turns Gotham City into a giant icicle. You are the only thing standing between millions of innocent people and their icy doom. Your detective skills are about to be pushed to the edge as you drive, sleuth, and fight your way to their...
Batman & Robin
2015 - Batman & Robin (2015)
The Joker has broken out of Arkham, and with him, he's taken five of Batman's most deadly foes! Together, Batman and Robin must overcome the five villains and find clues as to where the Joker is hiding so they can stop his sinister plan! Are you brave enough to don the cape and cowl and pursue...

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