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LEGO City - Team Up
2012 - LEGO City - Team Up
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
LEGO® City crooks are at it again! Chase the crooks through the forest by teaming up the Police Car with the Chinook. Each vehicle has special skills to help the other through obstacles.The Police car can push rocks over geysers to stop the water. The Chinook can carry logs to cover broken...
LEGO City Fire Hose Frenzy
2013 - LEGO City Fire Hose Frenzy
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
There’s a fire in LEGO City! Help the fireman and his trusty firedog put out the fires across LEGO City by climbing the fire truck ladder and using the fire hose. Use the fire hose to put out all of the fires in every level. Some fires will be harder to reach than others! Fires over a...
LEGO City Spotlight Robbery
2013 - LEGO City Spotlight Robbery
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
In a daring midnight raid, the burglars are breaking into the LEGO® City museum! Use the helicopter searchlight to guide the Elite Policeman through the dark to catch them. Explore the different rooms within the museum and find useful objects to help. GameplayFind and collect useful objects...
LEGO City Undercover
2013 - LEGO City Undercover
Wii U, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4
Join the Chase! In LEGO® CITY Undercover, play as Chase McCain, a police officer who's been tasked with going undercover to hunt down the notorious and recently escaped criminal Rex Fury and putting an end to his city-wide crime wave.
LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins
2013 - LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins
LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins launches April 21. The game is set two years prior to the action of the Wii U game, and follows the first case of rookie cop Chase McCain in a still-growing and -developing LEGO City.
LEGO City Rapid Rescue
2013 - LEGO City Rapid Rescue
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
In the stormy seas around LEGO® City holiday makers need help!The LEGO® City Coast Guard are on their way, with you guiding them they can save the day.The Coast Guard Helicopter, Jet Ski and Speed Boat, are yours to command, see how quickly you can rescue all the stranded minifigs. Do you...
LEGO City My City
2014 - LEGO City My City
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
My City the free hit game from LEGO City Now you can play the newest mini games from LEGO City My City on the go! Bundled together in one app you can be the hero. Blast off into space and demonstrate your awesome astronaut skills or explore the secrets of the ocean in your Deep Sea Sub....
LEGO City My City 2
2016 - LEGO City My City 2
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Experience the fun of LEGO City and save the day! Take to the streets, skies or seas and let your imagination run wild as you build cool vehicles to complete daring missions. Extinguish fires, catch crooks and explore dangerous environments like the volcano using your amazing creations....

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