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Games in the "Videocart" Franchise

Videocart 9: Drag Strip
1976 - Videocart 9: Drag Strip
Channel F
Know when to shift and you'll go the distance with these two racy games. But be careful... Redline your engine, and you wind up shiftless! (You've blown it!) 1-Player Drag Strip: VROOOM! Tach it up for a dynamite breakout. Then race the clock as you burn up the strip. (Beat our 7.70 ET and you're...
Videocart 15: Memory Match
1976 - Videocart 15: Memory Match
Channel F
No time for a case of amnesia with these unforgettable 1 or 2 player games. Memory Match 1: Test your power of concentration. See who can match-up the most pairs of numbers or symbols hidden beneath the squares. But don't forget... when it comes to matchmaking, the computer "rote" the book!...
Videocart 18: Hangman
1976 - Videocart 18: Hangman
Channel F
The classic word game with 64 computerized twists. Challenge a friend or take on the computer. But be careful, the computer will give you plenty of rope to hang up your score, and there's "knot" much room for error! Hangman (computer): Like regular Hangman, but you guess the computer's words....
Videocart 1: Tic-Tac-Toe / Shooting Gallery / Doodle / Quadra-Doodle
1976 - Videocart 1: Tic-Tac-Toe / Shooting Gallery / Doodle / Quadra-Doodle
Channel F
TIC-TAC-TOE: "X" out our "O's" and beat the system. Every game is different! SHOOTING GALLERY: Electronic rifle versus dead ducks. Rifle repositions after every shot. DOODLE: Turn your TV screen into a drawing board. Ordinary doodles become electronic masterpieces. Three...
Videocart 2: Desert Fox / Shooting Gallery
1976 - Videocart 2: Desert Fox / Shooting Gallery
Channel F
Let out your hunter instincts with these two exciting games. DESERT FOX: You sneak up on the enemy, but ram a mine instead. Your tank is immobilized. The enemy fires. Hits. And outfoxes you, the Fox. SHOOTING GALLERY: Electronic rifle versus dead ducks. Rifle repositions after every shot.
Videocart 3: Video Blackjack
1976 - Videocart 3: Video Blackjack
Channel F
Deal yourself into Video Blackjack for some fast action in these 1 and 2 player games. 1-Player Blackjack: Dealer hits soft 17, stays on hard 17. You're bankrolled with $500... and feeling hot! So, double down. Next stop - Vegas! 2-Player Blackjack: Bring on the sharpies! You and another player...
Videocart 7: Math Quiz II
1977 - Videocart 7: Math Quiz II
Channel F
Get one problem right and a new one appears. Take turns with a buddy to double the competition... And quadruple the fun! Math Quiz - Multiplication: Teach the kids to multiply while you practice your time tables. Do it in your head or sneak a look at your calculator. Any way you figure it, the...
Videocart 5: Space War
1977 - Videocart 5: Space War
Channel F
Teleport yourself and a friend to an interstellar battleground with this faster-than-the-speed-of-light game. Subspace distress call: Alien laser attack has drained your protective electro-magnetic force field. Can you get back to the starbase to recharge... before he blasts you out of the galaxy?
Videocart 8: Magic Numbers
1977 - Videocart 8: Magic Numbers
Channel F
Take our magic numbers, your own secret strategy... And you just might trick the computer! Can you "digit"? MINDREADER: Think you've got our number? "H" or "T" tell you whether you've guessed the right digit in the right place or the wrong place. Race the clock or...
Videocart 10: Maze
1977 - Videocart 10: Maze
Channel F
Enjoy 52 variations of TV maze games including: Regular Maze - Every mouse for himself! Cat & Mouse - Mice vs. hungry cat! Paranoia - Nobody out till the cat has his lunch! Double Paranoia - Nobody out. Ever! Also features various 2-player game modes: Jailbreak - Escapist entertainment for...
Videocart 12: Baseball
1977 - Videocart 12: Baseball
Channel F
Our Baseball game gives you nine (or more) innings to practice your timing, mix-up your pitches, shift your outfield... major league thrills with the comfort of home! It's Dizzy Dean, master of the fast ball, versus you! Common sandlot slugger. He winds up, throws... and WHACK! Straight over the...
Videocart 4: Spitfire
1977 - Videocart 4: Spitfire
Channel F
Join up and get ready for the toughest dogfights since the Great Air War in 1 and 2 player versions of Spitfire! 1-Player Spitfire: The heartless Red Baron is scanning the skies for you, the Blue Max. Will you be able to elude him once again? Or, will you be sent spiraling to earth from a burst...
Videocart 11: Backgammon / Acey-Deucey
1977 - Videocart 11: Backgammon / Acey-Deucey
Channel F
Play the world's newest and most modern game of backgammon. The pieces are on the tube, rather than a board. Like the regular game, but better... You've got nothing to lose! BACKGAMMON: Advance your runners to the comfort station. Send your buddy to the bar. Then get ready for a not-so-dangerous...
Videocart 6: Math Quiz
1977 - Videocart 6: Math Quiz
Channel F
Get one problem right and a new one appears. Take turns with a buddy for added competition. Plus or minus some fast-paced fun! Math Quiz - Addition: Count on your television instead of your fingers. Right answer scores. You get two chances before the screen shows you how. Arithmetic was never...
Videocart 13: Robot War / Torpedo Alley
1977 - Videocart 13: Robot War / Torpedo Alley
Channel F
The hunter or the hunted. Take your pick in these action-packed 1 and 2 player games. ROBOT WAR: The space station's computer has run amok. Four robots are on the hunt and you're the game! Lead them into one of the electrified force fields and short-circuit their calculated plans! TORPEDO ALLEY:...
Videocart 14: Sonar Search
1977 - Videocart 14: Sonar Search
Channel F
This battle on the high seas is sure to score a direct hit with exciting 1 and 2 player games! Sonar's got a fix... Computer's enemy Destroyer dead ahead. Fire one. Fire two. Got him! One down, four to blow up! In the 2-player game, uncover the locations of your opponent's 5-ship fleet, before he...
Videocart 17: Pinball Challenge
1978 - Videocart 17: Pinball Challenge
Channel F
Pinball wizards, get ready for a real titl! You'll flip over these 132 game variations for 1 and 2 players. You've thumped and bumped your way through the green and blue skill lanes. Last ball in play. It's off your flipper. Rebound siderail. Bingo! You made the winners zone! Need more challenge?...
Videocart 16: Dodge-It
1978 - Videocart 16: Dodge-It
Channel F
It's like the old playground favorite dodge ball, only this time the computer's throwing the balls, not your classmates. 1-Player Dodge It: You're caught in the middle and the computer's giving you the old runaround. Stay on your toes. Up to 9 balls can be coming at you, ricocheting off all...
Videocart 21: Bowling
1978 - Videocart 21: Bowling
Channel F
Enjoy strikes, spares, splits and gutterballs with 18 game variations. All the action you can handle and no waiting for a lane. BOWLING: It's the 10th frame. First bowler up. Here's the approach, the release. Might be thin, but the hook's working... BINGO! Right in the pocket. Concentrate and go...
Videocart 23: Galactic Space Wars / Lunar Landing
1980 - Videocart 23: Galactic Space Wars / Lunar Landing
Channel F
GALACTIC SPACE WARS: You have been given full control of a fighter spacecraft. Your mission is to seek out, pursue, and fire upon enemy vessels. But space is a vast area to cover and there are many types of ships out there either trying to evade you or fire upon you as their opportunities arise....
Videocart 22: Slot Machine
1980 - Videocart 22: Slot Machine
Channel F
Now you are able to play "Slots" without ever leaving your own living room and without carrying around all those nickels. Bet you can't play just once! Just step right up there, select the purse, select cost (bet) and start the wheels a-spinnin'! You can either let the wheels stop...
Videocart 19: Checkers
1980 - Videocart 19: Checkers
Channel F
The classic game of checkers is played against the computer. Here is your chance to sharpen your skills without your opponent dumping the checkerboard on your head. Check it out: This is the old-time checker game using international rules. Sit back, relax and play your strategy against the...
Videocart 25: Casino Poker
1980 - Videocart 25: Casino Poker
Channel F
Videocart 25: Casino Poker is a Miscellaneous game, developed by Fairchild and published by Zircon, which was released in 1980.
Videocart 24: Pro Football
1981 - Videocart 24: Pro Football
Channel F
This is a 2-player game where the offense has 8 different plays to choose from, and the defense also has a choice of 8 plays. Your quarterback can run the ball or pass to one of his receivers that are out on their patterns. But watch out for that blitzing linebacker or that defensive back that...
Videocart 20: Video Whizball
1981 - Videocart 20: Video Whizball
Channel F
Imagine shooting pool with both players going for the balls at the same time. That's just a hint of the slam-bang action you'll find as you try to knock the whizballs into your opponent's goal. Play solo, compete with a friend or sit back and take notes as you watch computer-controlled players...
Videocart 26: Alien Invasion
1981 - Videocart 26: Alien Invasion
Channel F
Videocart 26: Alien Invasion is an Action game, developed by Fairchild and published by Zircon, which was released in 1981.


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