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Rally (G-mode)
2003 - Rally (G-mode)
Aim to be the best. This 9-stage racing game forces you to pit your wits against the best. All the speed, colour and excitement you would expect from one of the most famous names in rally racing.
Golf (G-mode)
2003 - Golf (G-mode)
A full course with a total of 18 holes for the advanced golfer, allowing you to enjoy stunning match play. Getting the timing right when you hit the ball is essential, as is judging the wind and selecting the right club. Keep your composure and aim well.
Billiards (G-mode)
2003 - Billiards (G-mode)
Everyone's favourite bar game now on your mobile! Take on your friends or try to beat the computer.
G-mode Rally
2004 - G-mode Rally
The realistic pocket-sized race is now available! G-mode Rally is a racing game played as a realistic dirt rally that creates the genuine feeling of speed. The game consists of nine courses, many of which are dirt tracks that require skilful control. The car accelerates automatically, so you...
G-mode Kung Fu
2004 - G-mode Kung Fu
This is a full-scale kung fu action game made for hard-core game fans. You can employ a variety of techniques, such as a dropkick, spinning jump and upper kick, with a simple key operation. The stage consists of eight fields. If you defeat the last boss character in a stage, the stage is cleared....
G-mode Golf
2004 - G-mode Golf
Two can compete in this 18-hole golf game, complete with such realistic features as wind variations, which G-mode has succeeded in bringing to the playing field of a mobile phone display.
Appli Archives: G-mode BurgerTime
2015 - Appli Archives: G-mode BurgerTime
PlayStation Vita
Appli Archives: G-mode BurgerTime is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by Hamster, which was released in 2015.
Appli Archives G-mode Karate Spirits
2015 - Appli Archives G-mode Karate Spirits
PlayStation Vita
Appli Archives G-mode Karate Spirits is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by Hamster, which was released in 2015.
G-mode Golf 2
Unknown - G-mode Golf 2
The second release of the popular Golf Game, in which you can play on an 18-hole course! The long-awaited Golf Game 2 has arrived. In addition to the original features that enable you to enjoy a game of golf just like the real thing, such as the movement of the wind and the choice of clubs, the...
G-mode Clay Shoot
Unknown - G-mode Clay Shoot
A clay pigeon shooting with outstanding maneuverability is coming! The player shoots clays that are released to the air. Select either a male or female character, James or Jennifer, to play the game. The game has four modes, and you can select a mode that complies with the rules of conventional...
G-mode Mahjong
Unknown - G-mode Mahjong
You can choose a opponent from heroes of the Three Kingdoms and play One on One mahjong game with him. You can see examples of hands during a game and discard automatically when you reach, so don't worry even if you are not an advanced player.
G-mode Motocross
Unknown - G-mode Motocross
Compete with your speed and techniques in a dynamic run! In this motocross game, you compete according to your speed (clear time) and action points (tricks) when you jump. You select a rider and a motorcycle and participate in the race. You can select from three riders, each of whom can perform...
G-mode Poker
Unknown - G-mode Poker
This 5-card draw poker game uses a standard 52-card deck with the Joker added as a wild card. Winnings are allotted depending on the strength of the winning hand.
G-mode Slot
Unknown - G-mode Slot
Two kinds of modes will be available, "Wild Game" in which the center reel will be almighty and "Hold Spin" in which you can keep your favorite pattern. Please enjoy the handy and tasteful game entertainment in which you can feel the thrill of boosting your coins all at once.
G-mode Black Jack
Unknown - G-mode Black Jack
As in real blackjack, the player and the dealer try to outplay each other in collecting cards equal to or closer to 21 points without exceeding 21.
Klondike (G-mode)
Unknown - Klondike (G-mode)
If the highly popular game in the "Get!! Petit Appli" site, "Tower Off", is a game that can be cleared by perseverance and the power of deduction, then the game that can not be cleared by real ability is the game of "Klondike". In order to clear all of the cards,...
G-mode Billiards
Unknown - G-mode Billiards
The response of the balls is surprisingly realistic in this billiard game played on a mobile phone display. Two players can compete in the "Couple Mode."
G-mode Lure Fishing
Unknown - G-mode Lure Fishing
A realistic game that allows you to enjoy the fun of bass fishing to the full! Select a lure according to the weather and water temperature of the day and calculating the habits of bass. You may be able to fish not only for black bass but also for snakehead and bluegill in a lake. There is also...


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