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Games in the "World Tour Soccer / This is Football" Franchise

This is Football
1999 - This is Football
This is Football is a Sports game, developed by SCEE London Studio and published by SCEE, which was released in Europe in 1999.
This is Football 2
2000 - This is Football 2
MORE PASSION... MORE GLORY... MORE REALISM... MORE CONTROL Over 5000 authentic players and over 300 International and European League teams New Season mode with promotion, relegation and qualification for European Competitions Enhanced AI for more realistic and entertaining matches New...
World Tour Soccer 2002
2001 - World Tour Soccer 2002
PlayStation 2
The world's most popular game strikes the pitch with more than 300 teams from throughout the world, including national teams like USA, England, Brazil, France, and Japan and international clubs like Manchester, Leeds, and Liverpool, plus powerhouse clubs from the past. Battle for victory in...
World Tour Soccer 2003
2002 - World Tour Soccer 2003
PlayStation 2
Soccer comes home as you lead your team to victory on or off the field. As a player, you'll tackle, pass, and shoot winning goals from the field. As an owner, you'll buy, sell, or trade players to create a winning team. More than 13,500 officially licensed FIFA pro players from 700 international...
World Tour Soccer 2005
2004 - World Tour Soccer 2005
PlayStation 2
The World Tour Soccer series furthers the global soccer experience with its latest installment. World Tour Soccer 2005 now offers more than 900 international and league teams from around the globe--18,700 players from 30 divisions and 22 leagues, including classic teams, from the past. Guide a...
World Tour Soccer 2006
2004 - World Tour Soccer 2006
PlayStation 2
The World Tour Soccer franchise returns for another go-around on the PlayStation 2, offering more features, players, teams, and stadiums. In World Tour Soccer 2006, you can guide one of 935 international and club teams from around the globe through eight international tournaments. This time, you...
World Tour Soccer
2005 - World Tour Soccer
Whether you call it football or soccer, this game for the PSP provides a variety of challenges for all fans of the popular sport. You can choose one of more than 150 teams to lead to domestic or international success. As you achieve success in the various game modes, you'll unlock new clubs,...
World Tour Soccer 06
2006 - World Tour Soccer 06
World Tour Soccer 06 is designed from the base up to play on the PSP™ system. The game is a collection of quick (4 minutes) points-based game modes, each offering unique soccer challenges requiring players to utilize different soccer fundamentals.
This is Football Management
2010 - This is Football Management
This is Football Management is a Sports game, developed by Sports Director Limited and published by SCEE, which was released in Europe in 2010.
This is Football 2006
Canceled - This is Football 2006
PlayStation 2
This is Football 2006 is a Sports game, developed and published by SCEE, which was cancelled before it was released.


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