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Games in the "Chrome" Franchise

2003 - Chrome
Mega-corporations compete for control of the Valkyria System and its most precious resource--chrome. Espionage, sabotage, and theft are all a part of everyday life in the new frontier, and no one knows this world better than Logan, mercenary for hire. Slip into Logan's skin as a one-time elite...
Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat
2004 - Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat
Discover the Valkyria solar system of the 22nd century, a world that contrasts the wild mysteries of nature with the man-made technology of the future. As an interstellar mercenary, you must prove your skills in a variety of challenging missions in tropical forests, rocky deserts, canyons,...
Chrome SpecForce
2005 - Chrome SpecForce
Chrome SpecForce, are an elite strike force unit of the FEC (Federal Expeditionary Corps), created with one sole purpose, to rid the planetary system of global hazards and crisis situations that endanger the Federation's stability, or directly violate federal order. This elite strike force must...
Chrome 2
TBA - Chrome 2
Chrome 2 is an Action game, developed by Techland, with no announced release date.


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