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Warrior of Rome
1991 - Warrior of Rome
This is it - a realtime war simulation game! Simulation with magnificent 8 Mega-Bit technology! Place: The Mediterranean Sea Time: The Golden Age of the Roman Empire Encamped in the harbor town of Ahendria on the island of Crete is the illustrious Julius Caesar and his army. But now, off...
Warrior of Rome II
1992 - Warrior of Rome II
The danger and action of the Roman era are recreated in this 8-Meg, 1 or 2-player military simulation spectacular! Plot and maneuver your forces as they battle the menacing armies of ancient Persia, Egypt and Arabia. Sail the Mediterranean in search of new lands to master in glorious triumph!...
Warrior of Rome III
Canceled - Warrior of Rome III
Super Nintendo
Warrior of Rome III is a Strategy game, developed by Micronet and published by Extreme Entertainment Group, which was cancelled before it was released.


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