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Games in the "Mad Dog McCree" Franchise

Mad Dog McCree
1990 - Mad Dog McCree
Arcade Games, PC, Sega CD, 3DO, CD-I, DVD Player, iOS (iPhone/iPad), 3DS, PlayStation 3
Mad Dog and his men have kidnapped the town's Mayor and his daughter. To save the town, you will be challenged by a saloon full of outlaws, a hair-raising bank robbery, gunfighters, a slew of old West ambushes, and Mad Dog himself.
Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold
1992 - Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold
Arcade Games, 3DO, Sega CD, CD-I, PC, DVD Player, PlayStation 3
A live-action adventure that challenges your shooting skills by confronting banditos, renegades, and Mad Dog's men. Select one of three different guides and experience a variety of trails in a quest to beat Mad Dog to the lost gold and return with it to the old mission where the longest...
The Last Bounty Hunter
1994 - The Last Bounty Hunter
PC, Arcade Games, 3DO, CD-I, DVD Player, PlayStation 3
As a Bounty Hunter, you will be equipped with a six-shooter and sometimes a shotgun. Careful, one of the gunfighters that protects the four outlaws is renowned fast draw world champion Wes Flowers. The pusuit of each outlaw will take you through different shootout scenarios and challenges. Plus,...
Mad Dog McCree: Gunslinger Pack
2009 - Mad Dog McCree: Gunslinger Pack
Players use their Wii Remote or Wii Zapper accessory as the ultimate six shooter in this Wild West adventure featuring live actors. Fast reflexes and precision shooting are the keys to survival when outlaws ambush from every angle and nail-biting showdowns are only a bullet away. As they pursue...


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