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Games in the "Heimdall" Franchise

1991 - Heimdall (1991)
PC, Amiga, Atari ST
Norse legend tells of a time when the Gods of Valhalla and Asgard created a race known as the Vikings. At first the Gods loved their children and contact between the two was frequent. As time passed the Gods lost interest in their creations and visits across the Rainbow Bridge ceased. Frey, one...
1994 - Heimdall
Sega CD
Set sail on an epic RPG adventure designed for both the role-playing pro and beginner. Armed with a mighty sword and an easy to use "Point and Click" interface, it is your mission to recover the god's stolen weapons in this CD conversion of the legendary PC title. As godsend Heimdall,...
Heimdall 2
1994 - Heimdall 2
PC, Amiga, Amiga CD32
The evil Loki and his ravaging Hakrat Hordes will soon become too powerful for resistance. It is time for the Gods to intervene before all is lost. Play the role of Heindall and sacrifice your divinity as you return to the six vast Viking lands known as Yggdrasil in a quest to recover the pieces...


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