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Games in the "Ferrarri (Sumea)" Franchise

Ferrari Monte Carlo Racing
2003 - Ferrari Monte Carlo Racing
The famous Monte Carlo track provides the backdrop for this racing game. Get through a one-lap qualifying session to decide your place on the starting grid: and then the race is on
2003 - Ferrari
Experience Ferrari's official test track in Mugello with this fast and furious racing game. Earn points by passing opponents and avoiding damage. First place in the race takes you to the next level.
Ferrari Hockenheim Racing
2004 - Ferrari Hockenheim Racing
Get behind the wheel of a Ferrari! You can't modify the car setup during the race so you'll have to do your best in the one-lap qualifying session.
Ferrari Monza Racing
2004 - Ferrari Monza Racing
This game is inspired by the famous Monza race circuit. Your starting position depends on your performance during the one-lap qualifying session. Be aware that the car setup you select before the qualifying lap can't be modified during the race!
Ferrari Experience 2
2004 - Ferrari Experience 2
A brand new opportunity to experience Ferrari racing! This game features three tracks with varying difficulty and conditions, secure your place at the podium in a single race or in the championship mode!
Ferrari Manager
2004 - Ferrari Manager
Ferrari Manager combines the high-speed action of F1 racing with the tactics and intrigue of team management. Featuring crisp graphics, damage modeling and the ability to control different car variables. Copyright Ferrari.
3D Ferrari Experience
2004 - 3D Ferrari Experience
Feel the power and see the world rush by when you are at the helm of a Ferrari racing car. Ferrari Experience 3D takes you to the high octane world of car racing with graphics and detail never seen before in mobile racing games.


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