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Games in the "Law & Order" Franchise

Law & Order: Dead on the Money
2002 - Law & Order: Dead on the Money
PC, Macintosh
Law & Order: Dead on the Money is an Adventure game, developed and published by Legacy Interactive, which was released in 2002.
Law & Order II: Double or Nothing
2003 - Law & Order II: Double or Nothing
Law & Order: Double or Nothing is the follow-up murder mystery game to Law & Order: Dead on the Money. You partner with Detective Lennie Briscoe to investigate the death of an esteemed scientist found shot in midtown Manhattan. Interview witnesses, interrogate suspects, gather evidence, and...
Law & Order: Justice Is Served
2004 - Law & Order: Justice Is Served
Elena Kusarova is an 18-year-old pro tennis player whose body shows up on the locker room floor on the day before her US Open appearance. The autopsy reveals she's loaded with a new performance drug, but the question remains whether her death is a murder, a suicide, or an accidental drug...
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
2005 - Law & Order: Criminal Intent
In Law & Order: Criminal Intent, you'll play Det. Robert Goren, a homicide investigator with well-honed instincts. With the help of your partner, Det. Alexandra Eames, you must investigate the crime scene, search for valuable evidence, and interview suspects. Use Goren's various instincts to...
Law & Order: Celebrity Betrayal
2009 - Law & Order: Celebrity Betrayal
Become the newest member of the Law & Order team! Play through an original storyline, investigate the scenes, break leads and interact with cast members like Lieutenant Anita Van Buren and Executive ADA Jack McCoy, who will help with your investigati ...
Law & Order: Legacies
2011 - Law & Order: Legacies
iOS (iPhone/iPad), PC, Macintosh
***COMPLETE THE ENTIRE SEASON TODAY, ALL 7 EPISODES ARE NOW AVAILABLE!******THE SEASON FINALE HAS A TWIST ENDING YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS!***Multi-Pack [Episode 2 – 7 Bundle] Now Available for $12.99 [Best Value] via in-app purchase. Once purchased, you will be able to install each episode...


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