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Tron: Maze-a-Tron
1982 - Tron: Maze-a-Tron
Inspired by the motion picture TRON from Walt Disney productions. You are the daring, young programmer, FLYNN, zapped into the sprawling circuit maze of a computer system, by the evil Master Control Program. Use your super-intelligence to survive the maze and find the vital RAM chips. Clear them...
Tron Deadly Discs
1982 - Tron Deadly Discs
Intellivision, Atari 2600, Mattel Aquarius
Your task is to bring TRON safely through battle after battle against computer-controlled attackers. Lethal saucers are the weapons. It's a soaring, blocking, running fight! Warriors come at TRON three at a time. Wave after wave of disc-throwing attackers. Get them, or they'll get TRON! Knock out...
Tron: Solar Sailer
1982 - Tron: Solar Sailer
Your opponent is the tireless Master Control Program! The Solar Sailer will be attacked relentlessly on its way to the MCP center and the decoding phase In both phases, you'll hear VOICES-instructing, even taunting you to give your all!
Adventures of Tron
1982 - Adventures of Tron
Atari 2600
Avoid deadly Grid Bugs, Recognizers - even tanks! Keep TRON moving up the elevators, jump him down a floor! Keep TRON alive and scoring points! Jump him up to intercept flying "bits"!
1982 - Tron
Arcade Games, Xbox 360
In Tron players take on the role of the mighty video game warrior of the same name and battle Sark and the insidious Master Control Program. Tron features four game modes - racing light cycles, battling against Sark's tanks, dodging grid bugs to enter the I/O tower and facing off against the MCP...
1983 - Hyperspace
Tomy Tutor
Hyperspace is an Action game, developed and published by Tomy Corporation, which was released in 1983.
Discs of Tron
1983 - Discs of Tron
Arcade Games, Xbox 360
In Discs of Tron, players face off in a three-dimensional arena against the film's villain, Sark, as they throw discs to try to knock him off of a platform or "derezz" him with a disc while he counters. The game, which includes both classic and enhanced modes, gets increasingly more...
1989 - Tron (1989)
Commodore 64
Tron is an Action game, developed and published by Software Studios, which was released in 1989.
Ultimate Tron II
1989 - Ultimate Tron II
Commodore 64
Ultimate Tron II is an Adventure game, published by 64'er, which was released in 1989.
Tron 2.0
2003 - Tron 2.0
PC, Macintosh, Game Boy Advance, Xbox
Tron 2.0 is the present-day sequel to the 1982 cult film classic. The game is a story-driven, first-person action game that propels you into an alternate universe inside a computer. As Jet Bradley--son of the original film's hero Alan Bradley--you'll combat digital opponents using guns, rods,...
Tron 2.0: Light Cycles
2003 - Tron 2.0: Light Cycles
Tron 2.0: Light Cycles is a Simulation game, developed by Lavastorm and published by Walt Disney Internet Group, which was released in 2003.
Tron 2.0: Discs of Tron
2004 - Tron 2.0: Discs of Tron
Tron 2.0: Discs of Tron is an Action game, developed by Lavastorm, which was released in 2004.
2010 - TRON (2010)
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
ENTER THE GRID //start program...
TRON: Evolution
2010 - TRON: Evolution
PlayStation 3, PC, DS, Xbox 360, PSP
TRON: Evolution is an immersive 3rd person action-adventure game that pulls the player into the unique digital world of TRON. Gamers explore TRON's cities using the free running phenomenon Parkour, navigate among unique rebel factions, and fight an epic battle against a dictator's seemingly...
TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids
2010 - TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids
TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids for the Nintendo Wii is an action-packed multiplayer game set around the Game Grids of the TRON universe. Developed in a unique partnership with Propaganda Games, Battle Grids features more than 15 Game Grid challenges with iconic TRON weapons and vehicles such as...
Tron: Legacy
2010 - Tron: Legacy
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
< //TRON: LEGACY NOW ONLINE > Welcome to TRON City, Program. Race high velocity 3D Light Cycles. Blast targets with the awesome power of a Recognizer. Your objective is not merely survival, it's glory. TRON: Legacy unfolds as a series of competitions through 24 rounds. You will...
TRON: Legacy
2011 - TRON: Legacy (2011)
TRON: Legacy is an Action game, developed and published by Stern, which was released in 2011.
2015 - TRON RUN/r
PC, PlayStation 4, Macintosh, Linux, Xbox One, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
In TRON RUN/r, a new lightning fast, action-adventure runner set in the world of TRON, players will blaze through dynamic circuits, facing-off against virulent adversaries while taking on all challengers.


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