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Bass Masters Classic
1995 - Bass Masters Classic (1995)
Super Nintendo, Genesis
Welcome Anglers! Welcome to the BASS Masters Classic. My name is Hank. Think of me as your unofficial host. I'll tell you what you need to know. This tour consists of four 3-day tournaments at four lakes. The first one is at Skull Lake. You'll see my bait shop there and get to know your way...
Bass Masters Classic: Pro Edition
1996 - Bass Masters Classic: Pro Edition
Super Nintendo, Genesis
Don't miss your chance to compete in the most realistic fishing game for the Genesis. Featuring pro bass anglers George Cochran, Shaw Grigsby Jr., Gary Klein, Tom Mann Jr., Dee Thomas and Kevin VanDam, BASS MASTERS CLASSIC PRO EDITION brings world championship bass fishing indoors! Compete as one...
Bass Masters Classic: Tournament Edition
1998 - BASS Masters Classic: Tournament Edition
Bass Masters Classic: Tournament Edition is a Sports game, developed by Inland Productions and published by THQ, which was released in 1998.
Bass Masters Classic
1999 - Bass Masters Classic
Game Boy Color
Catch the Excitement of the Bass Masters Classic on Game Boy Color! - Accurate fish behavior that depends on lure, water, and weather conditions. - THQ's signature "Lure Cam" view. - Varied game modes and difficulty levels. - Numerous lure variations to catch huge bass. - The only fishing...


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