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Games in the "Dalmatians" Franchise

The Dalmatians
2000 - The Dalmatians
Follow a cuddly Dalmatian puppy and his wild-dog friends in the search for his missing sister. As well as a great half-hour cartoon video, Dalmatians features an easy-to-use virtual colouring book and a challenging puzzle game. Dalmatians is a story that all children will treasure.
Dalmatians 2
2003 - Dalmatians 2
The Dalmatians old lady loves cookies, but they have no money to pay for them, so they decided to steal them. The vendor catches them and calls for the police who then takes them away to the police pound. "You will never come out of here", says Butch, the bulldog. Oh yes, we will, says Kruimel. I...
Dalmatians 3
2006 - Dalmatians 3
PlayStation 2
Our old lady loves cookies a lot, doesn't she? Lets get some from the market for her. The little Dalmatians take the cookies without paying. The vendor calls the police and the Dalmatians are locked up. You will never come out of here says Butch, the Bulldog. No way that we will stay here, says...


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