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Games in the "Sega's Great Sports" Franchise

Great Soccer (Japan)
1985 - Great Soccer (Japan)
Sega Master System
An authentic soccer game is now yours for the playing. Kick off! Break through the center and with precise footwork, quickly pass the ball to a team member in your march down the field. Now it's back to you and your get off a great kick! The ball curves and arcs its way towards the goal. Oh no!...
Great Baseball (Japan)
1985 - Great Baseball (Japan)
Sega Master System
Great Baseball (Japan) is a Sports game, developed and published by Sega, which was released in Japan in 1985.
Super Tennis
1985 - Super Tennis (1986)
Sega Master System
You are all over the courts in this test of your tennis and computer game skills. Every game is a challenge. Every match is a hard-fought battle of wits and technique. Use smashes and volleys. Go to the net for an intense rally. Exploit your opponents weakness and force the play with your own...
Great Golf (Japan)
1986 - Great Golf (Japan)
Sega Master System
Great Golf (Japan) is a Sports game, developed and published by Sega, which was released in Japan in 1986.
Great Football
1987 - Great Football
Sega Master System
Playoff fever grips you. And no wonder. You're the driving force that can take your football team to the top in this rough and tumble contest between the leagues. The outcome of the game is in your hands. As the quarterback, you select the plays. Line up the formations. Call the signals and carry...
Great Basketball
1987 - Great Basketball
Sega Master System
This is basketball at the professional level. Full of international competition from the first jump ball to the last jump shot. Whether it's four on three or three on two - the action is fast and furious. And there are no favorites in this demanding play. You'll be called for double dribbling,...
Great Volleyball
1987 - Great Volleyball
Sega Master System
So you wanna win the world championship? Give it your best shot. Gonna take teamwork. Nerves of steel. Service... spike... point for your side. Nice going. You're on your way!
Great Soccer
1987 - Great Soccer
Sega Master System
Get ready to play like a professional on this fast-paced soccer green. Your arena? It's international and you're up against the best soccer teams in the world. Will you play with Italian passion, Argentine stamina or the calculating cool of the West Germans? Maybe you'll want to push the young...
Great Baseball
1987 - Great Baseball
Sega Master System
You're the manager. And you can field a total of 26 ball teams to battle for league leadership. Pick the team of your choice. Designate the starting pitcher. Then, play ball! And get ready for some of the most exciting baseball since the game was invented. Will it be a slugging match? A pitching...
Great Golf
1987 - Great Golf
Sega Master System
Keep your head down. Eyes on the ball. Grip the club firmly... and swing. Welcome to the Sega Master's Tournament where you need to play better than "par" if you want to win. So tee-up for some real fun. And remember to play with caution. This championship course has been groomed for a...
Great Ice Hockey
1987 - Great Ice Hockey
Sega Master System
Welcome to the Big Leagues. Here's a rough and tumble hockey game that takes a steady hand and quick reflexes. Because your mean opponents mean business. Teams line up in full defense. Tackle one another. Scramble for the puck. Drive relentlessly for a goal. Victory for your team depends on you....


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