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Games in the "Vectorman" Franchise

1995 - Vectorman
Genesis, PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Linux, Macintosh
By the year 2049, Earth has been turned into a toxic waste dump! Humankind has fled into space leaving behind an army of mechanized "Orbots" to clean up the mess! But when the Orbot leader, WarHead, goes haywire and starts a robot revolt, only a lonely sludge barge pilot named VECTORMAN...
Vectorman 2
1996 - Vectorman 2
Genesis, PC, Linux, Macintosh
VectorMan is back, and the robot sludge barge pilot is more awesome than ever! New morphs, power-ups, and special weapons equip VectorMan to battle with Earth's most prolific enemy... mutant insects! Change into the shape of mutant insects with the special Assimilation Morph. Blast enemies with...
2003 - Vectorman (2003)
Vectorman, the last of the free robots, must stop Warhead, a menacing evil from the past! Collect points by destroying all enemies and picking up power-ups to ultimately defeat Warhead and his evil robot horde!
Canceled - Vectorman (working title)
PlayStation 2
Vectorman is an Action Adventure game, developed by Pseudo Interactive and published by Sega, which was cancelled before it was released.


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