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Final Fight
1989 - Final Fight
Arcade Games, Super Nintendo, Commodore 64, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum, Atari ST, Sharp X68000, CPS Changer, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
When Haggar became Mayor of Metro City, he thought he had put his street fighting days behind him for good. No such luck - his delectable daughter, Jessica, has been kidnapped by the lawless Mad Gear Gang and Haggar must face his Final Fight!
Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight
1990 - Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight
Conquer a galaxy with your bare hands! Twenty-five years ago you ruled in the world of the street fighter. Since then you and your partner have created a formula that turns men into supermen. Your partner is dead, the formula has been stolen, and you're out for revenge. You use your serum to...
Final Fight Guy
1992 - Final Fight Guy
Super Nintendo
Hit the Streets! It's one man against an entire city and Guy and Haggar are ready to take and bust some heads. Nothing will going to stand in the way of them as they pound the Mad Gear into ground and search for the headquarters of the elusive leader of the Mad Gear gang and Jessica.
Final Fight CD
1993 - Final Fight CD
Sega CD
When the Mad Gear Gang is around, you know laws are being broken. Enter the good guys, Haggar, Cody and Guy, with killer roundhouse kicks, back fists, uppercuts and body slams. All raging to the coolest CD quality tunes. When the going gets tough, grab a pipe, knife or sword, and take a slice out...
Final Fight 2
1993 - Final Fight 2
Super Nintendo
It's Mad Gear Madness! They're back stronger than ever and they want revenge. With a new mysterious leader they plan to dominate the entire world. This time they've kidnapped Genryusai and his daughter Rena. Now Haggar must travel around the world to search for Genryusai and Rena. But he's not...
Mighty Final Fight
1993 - Mighty Final Fight
The Mad Gear Gang has spread crime and violence throughout the streets of Metro City. Only one man has enough guts to take the streets back from them, Mayor Mike Haggar. Now the Mad Gear Gang has kidnapped his daughter Jessica to bring him under their control. But they've made one mistake:...
Final Fight 3
1995 - Final Fight 3
Super Nintendo
Following the defeat and subsequent disappearance of the Mad Gear Gang, a small group known only as Skull Cross is responsible for a new uprising of vandalism, terrorism and death. The government of Metro City is at a complete loss. Metro Citys mayor, Mike Haggar, and Guy are prepared to take on...
Final Fight Revenge
1999 - Final Fight Revenge
Arcade Games, Saturn
Final Fight Revenge is an Action game, developed and published by Capcom, which was released in Japan in 1999.
Final Fight One
2001 - Final Fight One
Game Boy Advance
Classic arcade action is unleased on the Game Boy® Advance system in Final Fight One. There's trouble in Metro City. The members of the Mad Gear Gang have kidnapped the mayor's daughter Jessica and the clock is ticking. The mayor, an ex-street fighter himself, calls in the big guns to help,...
Final Fight: Streetwise
2006 - Final Fight: Streetwise
PlayStation 2, Xbox
The long-running Final Fight series returns for another go with Final Fight: Streetwise. You can play as Kyle, the brother of Cody from the original series. When you find that Cody is in trouble, you must roam the streets of Metro City until the mystery is solved. Final Fight: Streetwise is a...
Final Fight: Double Impact
2010 - Final Fight: Double Impact
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Final Fight: Double Impact is a dual release of two classic arcade side-scrolling beat-em-ups. First up is Final Fight, where players follow the heart-pounding adventures of Cody, Guy, and Haggar - three heroes fighting their way across crime-ridden Metro City in hopes of saving Haggar's daughter...
Arcade1Up - Final Fight
2019 - Arcade1Up - Final Fight
Dedicated Console
Relive the glory days of arcade gaming in the comfort of your own home with Arcade1Up's Final Fight at home arcade machine! Perfect for when your friends are over, the two-player joystick/button configuration brings the Final Fight arcade experience into the comfort of your home. Final Fight is a...


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