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1984 - Ghostbusters (1984)
Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, MSX, Atari 8-bit, Apple II, Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum, Atari 2600, NES
Has anybody seen a ghost? Matter of fact, yes, they have! At this very moment, hundreds of ghosts are making their way to the infamous spook central. Only you can save the world from a disaster of biblical proportions. To do this you must make it to the top of the Temple of Zool. You can only do...
Ghostbusters (1986)
1986 - Ghostbusters (1986)
Contents of this box: Paranormal acivity. Franchise applications. One Marshmallow Man. Ghost-catching gear. One hit song. Slime. Laser Stream Throwers. Four ectomobiles. One street map. One Temple of Zuul. Two Terror Dogs. And a zillion ghosts.
1987 - Ghostbusters (1990)
Sega Master System, Genesis
Starting your own Ghostbusters business is tough. It takes a lot of money. A lot of equipment. And lots of hard work. But someone's gotta do it. Besides, look at the rewards. You get to drive some of the world's hottest cars. And play with the latest high-tech equipment. Like Super Ion Beams,...
The Real GhostBusters
1987 - The Real Ghostbusters
Arcade Games, Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum
The Real GhostBusters is an Action game, developed and published by Data East, which was released in 1987.
Ghostbusters II
1989 - Ghostbusters II
Atari ST, Commodore 64, Game Boy, MSX, Amstrad CPC, PC, Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum, NES, Amiga, Atari 2600
They're back! Weird things are happening... The slime is on the rise. The Titanic has arrived. And after 300 years, Vigo the Carpathian won't stay dead. Who you gonna call? Get your bustin' business back on its feet. Hit the streets in your Ectomobile. Go underground to discover a river of...
New Ghostbusters II
1990 - New Ghostbusters II
The world-wide hit movie is now available on the Nintendo Entertainment System! Capture the ghost that haunted New York City in this comedy-action-adventure. Six stages in all, including a Courtroom, the Subway, the Art Museum and more!
The Real Ghostbusters
1993 - The Real Ghostbusters (1993)
Game Boy
It's the anti-specter squadron everyone loves! Separated from his cohorts in the gloomy passages of a haunted mansion, sharp-witted Ghostbuster Peter Venkman must strut his stuff to survive. Help him fight phantoms, neutralize negative auras and push his ecto-containment skills to their limit!...
Extreme Ghostbusters
2001 - Extreme Ghostbusters
Game Boy Color
In an attempt to takeover the world, the newly liberated and powerful ectoplasmic forces, led by the half-human, half-demo Count Mercharior, have kidnapped two key members of the Extreme Ghostbusters team. Without wasting a second, Eduardo and Kylie jump into the famous Ecto-1 ambulance and race...
Extreme Ghostbusters Creativity Centre
2001 - Extreme Ghostbusters Creativity Centre
RecreBox invites players ages 5 and up to play and personalise their daily world with the heros from the cartoon Extreme Ghostbusters. Find the most famous ghost hunters of all time in fascinating games and amazing creative activities! Includes a print studio, five games, and four creative...
Extreme Ghostbusters: Zap The Ghosts!
2001 - Extreme Ghostbusters: Zap The Ghosts!
Once again the team of Extreme Ghostbusters must capture ghosts who have come to invade the city! Play as Kylie, Garrett, Eduardo or Roland and zap as many ghosts as possible as quickly as you can. If you succeed, you might get the privilege of playing with Slimer...but you'll have to set new...
Extreme Ghostbusters
2002 - Extreme Ghostbusters (2002)
Game Boy Advance
In an attempt to takeover the world, the newly liberated and powerful ectoplasmic forces, led by the half-human, half-demon Count Mercharior, have kidnapped two key members of the Extreme Ghostbusters team. Without wasting a second, Eduardo and Kylie jump into the famous Ecto-1 ambulance and race...
Extreme Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Invasion
2004 - Extreme Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Invasion
The Extreme Ghostbusters have detected highly paranormal activity! They must now act quickly to find out who is behind this new threat! Choose between 4 characters and 3 exclusive game modes (Training, Arcade and Adventure.) Confront dozens of enemies each one more terrifying than the next.
Ghostbusters Mobile
2005 - Ghostbusters Mobile
Ghostbusters Mobile is an Action game, developed and published by Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, which was released in 2005.
2009 - Ghostbusters (2009)
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
***********ON-SALE-NOW*********** They’re here to save the world again! It’s up to you to take on the role of the entire Ghostbusters team. Equipped with outrageous gadgets, help our heroes capture a wide range of supernatural baddies in this new casual game, thanks to unique &...
Ghostbusters: The Video Game
2009 - Ghostbusters: The Video Game
PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, PSP
Who ya gonna call? The Ghostbusters are back for an all new adventure in Ghostbusters: The Video Game. With Manhattan overrun again by supernatural creatures, take on the role of a new recruit joining the famous Ghostbusters team. Equipped with a variety of unique equipment and gadgets, hunt,...
Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime
2011 - Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime
PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox 360, PC
Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime is a four player, ghost-busting adventure that will take players on a brand new paranormal experience. Players will suit up with their proton packs and assume the role of a rookie hired by the Ghostbusters to save New York City from a disaster of ghoulish proportions.
Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast
2012 - Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Available ONLY for iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4TH gen, iPad 2 and the new Ipad . Requires gyroscope and camera to play!Ghostbusters™ Paranormal Blast is the best Augmented Reality game to ever hit the app store. Battle ghosts in your neighborhood as you rid your own city of...
Ghostbusters (2013)
2013 - Ghostbusters (2013)
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
It’s Slime Time!There’s something strange in the neighborhood, and New York City has called YOU to get the ghosts out of The Big Apple. Build your own team of Ghostbusters from the ground up as you bust troublemaking spooks throughout the city. Form your own franchise in a local...
Ghostbusters Pinball
2014 - Ghostbusters Pinball
iOS (iPhone/iPad), Ouya
Who ya gonna call for the best playing pinball on iOS?! You asked, and we listened. For a limited time, you can now do away with tokens and buy the table to enjoy unlimited play for just $4.99! FarSight Studios, the makers of the award winning Pinball Arcade, have created Ghostbusters...
Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter
2015 - Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter is a Puzzle game, developed and published by Beeline Interactive, Inc., which was released in 2015.
2016 - Ghostbusters (Pinball)
Ghostbusters is an Action game, developed and published by Stern, which was released in 2016.
Ghostbusters: Slime City
2016 - Ghostbusters: Slime City
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Ghostbusters: Slime City is a Role-Playing game, developed and published by Activision, which was released in 2016.
2016 - Ghostbusters
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Have you and your friends been experiencing paranormal activity? Grab your Proton Pack and join the Ghostbusters as you explore Manhattan, blasting ghosts, and trapping those runaway ghouls. * Thrilling Multiplayer Experience: Play alongside your friends as the Ghostbusters in the 2-4 player...
Ghostbusters World
TBA - Ghostbusters World
Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Ghostbusters World is an Action game, developed by 4:33 Creative Lab and published by Ghost Corps, with no announced release date.


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