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Games in the "Play Action Football" Franchise

NES Play Action Football
1990 - NES Play Action Football
Nintendo takes to the gridiron with the classic football powerhouse NES Play Action Football. Featuring a distinct overhead viewpoint that creates an almost 3-D field, the action is more simulation-based than many of the more arcade-based games of the time. Play through four 15-minute quarters...
Play Action Football
1990 - Play Action Football
Game Boy
Play Action Football comes to Game Boy and you're calling all the shots! Study your playbook. Do you choose a shotgun formation? Gamble on an all out blitz? Make the right call and you're a hero, make the wrong call and it's time to hit the showers. From the opening kickoff to the final whistle...
Super Play Action Football
1992 - Super Play Action Football
Super Nintendo
Full Power Action In Three Football Leagues! Dive, spin and stiff-arm your way to football glory! All 28 NFL teams, 97 college clubs and a competitive field of high school squads are represented. You can choose from up to 32 offensive and 16 defensive plays, then change your offense on the fly...


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