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Games in the "Iridion" Franchise

Iridion 3D
2001 - Iridion 3D
Game Boy Advance
In the distant regions of our galaxy far beyond the dark limits of the Orion Nebula, a deadly force has been unleashed upon the universe, and is heading straight for Earth. Your Mission - to travel across light-years of uncharted space, to defend the destiny of mankind. With IRIDION 3D, battle...
Iridion II
2003 - Iridion II
Game Boy Advance
Iridion II is an Action game, developed by Shin'en and published by Majesco, which was released in 2003.
2005 - Nanostray
This 3D action shooter for the DS features multiplayer network play, dual screen support, and more. Now you can track down your enemies and manage weapons via DS' touch screen.