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Games in the "Chime" Franchise

2010 - Chime
Xbox 360, PC
An exclusive Zoe Mode production for OneBigGame, the video game industry-wide charity initiative, Chime pits gamers against the melody in this all-new puzzle experience. Place blocks against the clock and remix famous artists music tracks in this challenging and addictive puzzle game. More than...
Chime Super Deluxe
2011 - Chime Super Deluxe
PlayStation 3
Superseding the previously released Chime on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC, Chime Super Deluxe features new music from a variety of artists in addition to those already included (Moby, Markus Schulz, Philip Glass, Paul Hartnoll from Orbital and Fred Deakin from Lemon Jelly). The line-up includes tracks...
Chime Sharp
2015 - Chime Sharp
PC, Linux, Macintosh, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Chime Sharp is a Puzzle game, developed by Twistplay, Ste Curran and published by Chilled Mouse, which was released in 2015.


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