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Mario and Wario
1993 - Mario and Wario
Super Nintendo
A new type of action puzzle game that you can play with a simple 1-button mouse. Naughty Wario has covered Super Mario's head with a bucket. "Now I can't see anything. I have to meet Luigi quickly and have him remove the bucket." Manipulate the magic of Wanda the Fairy with the mouse, protect...
Wario's Woods
1994 - Wario's Woods
NES, Super Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Super Nintendo
It's up to Toad to keep the woods safe in this new puzzle-action! Toad is back in his very own big adventure in this game with the challenge of Tetris. It's up to you and Toad to keep peace in the Mushroom Kingdom -- and that means outfoxing the wicked Wario! Monsters, goblins and bombs fall...
Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!
1994 - Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!
Game Boy
OH, NO! Wario has stumbled upon the secret gateway into Bomberland! Now the greedy warmonger wants to claim the land, its inhabitants, and treasures as his own. Entering the underground labyrinth, he meets the resistance of the Madbombers - explosives experts who have some TNT tricks and...

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