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Games in the "Kinectimals" Franchise

2010 - Kinectimals
Xbox 360, Windows Mobile, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
When you meet your Kinectimals cub for the first time, something magical happens. A friendship is immediately formed, and you quickly begin imagining all the wonderful places youi?ll explore and the curious things youi?ll discover together. Kinectimals has five different exotic animals to choose...
Kinectimals: Now with Bears!
2011 - Kinectimals: Now with Bears!
Xbox 360
Your family gets bigger in this extended release of Kinectimals. Joining the original feline cubs, now play with cuddly bear cubs as you solve a new mystery on an undiscovered island! Share exciting adventures and fun challenges as you teach your best friends new tricks using your voice and body...
Kinectimals Unleashed
2014 - Kinectimals Unleashed
Windows Mobile, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
From the makers of the wildly successful Kinectimals franchise comes Kinectimals Unleashed! Have you ever wanted to grab your favorite canine pal and explore the exciting dog island of Villeria? How about embarking on an adventure to a mysterious tropical island with your best Bengal Tiger...


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