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Games in the "The Italian Job" Franchise

The Italian Job
2001 - The Italian Job (2001)
PlayStation, PC
London, 1969. Charlie Croker has just finished a three year stretch, courtesy of Her Majesty's Prisons, and has an idea: to steal $4,000,000 in gold bullion, right from under the noses of the Mafia and the Turin Police. This is where you come in... as one of his drivers, you'll have to master...
The Italian Job
2003 - The Italian Job
PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube
Charlie Croker and his gang are left for dead in Venice after being double-crossed during one of the biggest gold heists ever. You must take on the role of Charlie and his gang members in their quest for revenge and the gold. Based on the film, The Italian Job's story mode challenges you to...
The Italian Job
2003 - The Italian Job (2003)
Based on the hit movie from Paramount, "The Italian Job" is an exciting blend of top-down racing and heart-stopping action.


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