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Games in the "Bonkers" Franchise

Disney's Bonkers
1994 - Disney's Bonkers
Cool cop Bonkers D. Bobcat is going for the "Officer of the Month" award and he's out to bop the bad guys - with doughnuts! From hair-raising chases on the L.A. Freeway to mind-scrambling puzzles in the Studio Warehouse, Bonkers really has his work cut out in this full-tilt Hollywood...
1994 - Bonkers
Super Nintendo
Once upon a Time in Toontown. . . Bonkers D. Bobcat, the most popular star of all time, has stumbled upon, what may be the most despicable crime ever committed in Toontown. Some unidentified thief has stolen three Toondom's most priceless treasures: The Sorcerer's Hat, The Mermaid's Voice and...
Bonkers Wax Up!
1994 - Disney's Bonkers: Wax Up!
Sega Master System, GameGear
Toon terror rules! Creepy Madame Who-Said has lured Bonkers to her ancient Wax Museum. She's been busy coating famous Toons with wax to make statues for her displays. Now she needs Bonkers to top off her gruesome collection! -Bonkers must duck, dodge, and side step a museum-full of tricky traps...