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Games in the "Midtown Madness" Franchise

Midtown Madness
1999 - Midtown Madness
Ever want to get behind the wheel and race like a madman through the streets of a teeming metropolis? Here's your chance to careen your way through Chicago traffic that's thicker than a deep dish pizza. Forget everything you learned in Driver's Ed. Run every stop sign, drive the wrong way, or...
Midtown Madness 2
2000 - Midtown Madness 2
Kick Into Overdrive or Just Drive Over It! Strap yourself back into the driver's seat for more driving madness, but this time, in TWO action packed cities! Tear through the streets of San Francisco in an uphill (and downhill) battle to beat the clock! Or hop the pond to merry old England and...
Midtown Madness: Chicago Edition
2001 - Midtown Madness: Chicago Edition
Midtown Madness: Chicago Edition is a Racing game, developed and published by Microsoft Game Studios, which was released in 2001.


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