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2004 - Yetisports2
In part 2 of the YetiSports series, the famous Yeti got additional help from a little baby orca. The orca flings the cuddly penguins in the air with a flip of its tail while the Yeti brings the flight-cadets right to target with a well timed snowball hit. The second part of the yeti-cult demands...
2004 - Yetisports (2004)
The PC version of the Yeti Sports game already has more than 150 millions fans worldwide - Now the cult phenomena is available for the mobile! Penguins usually can't fly but in this game you will definitely change that. The Penguins jump off a rock and the Yeti has to smack them at the right...
Yetisports Pingu Throw
2004 - Yetisports Pingu Throw
Yetisports Pingu Throw is an Action game, developed and published by Reaxion, which was released in 2004.
Yetisports Deluxe
2004 - Yetisports Deluxe
Finally - the world-famous Yeti hits the PSone, introducing 4 hot new games: Super Pingu Throw, Ice Bear Attack, Super Orca Slap and Pingu Dart are the ingredients of a package full of thrilling & exciting gameplay. Prove your skills and shoot Yeti's cute little penguin friends in new records!
Yetisports World Tour
2004 - Yetisports World Tour
Yetisports World Tour is a Sports game, developed by Similis and published by JoWooD Entertainment AG, which was released in Europe in 2004.
Yetisports Arctic Adventure
2005 - Yetisports Arctic Adventure
Xbox, PlayStation 2, PC
Yetisports Arctic Adventure is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by JoWooD Entertainment AG, which was released in Europe in 2005.
YetiSports: Game Pack
2009 - YetiSports: Game Pack
YetiSports: Game Pack is an Action game, developed by Xendex and published by In-Fusio, which was released in 2009.
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Yeti and Penguin are back! For the first time, the ill-assorted couple is taking off on the iPhone. After being smashed around for years, the Penguin finally gets to fly!Tap on the screen to hit Pengu with the baseball bat. Use the iPhone's motion sensor to maneuver him through 27 stages of all...
YetiSports Games Pack Vol1
2009 - YetiSports Games Pack Vol1
Let's rediscover the delirious atmosphere of YetiSports inside this multi-games pack. Pingu Throw, Orca Slap, Seal Bounce and the brand new and exclusive Penguin's Revenge: all of these are absolutely addictive One-Thumb games filled with tons of the ...
2009 - YetiSports
YetiSports is a Sports game, developed and published by Xendex, which was released in Europe in 2009.


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