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Games in the "Mike Tyson Boxing" Franchise

Mike Tyson Boxing
2000 - Mike Tyson Boxing
PlayStation, Game Boy Advance
The 2-time undisputed world champ isn't about to let you go the distance. In fact, he's planning to do some serious damage to your face on the Game Boy® Advance system. Get up-close and personal with every one of Tyson's rib-crunching body shots, brain-rattling roundhouses, and jaw-bustin'...
Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing
2002 - Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing
PlayStation 2, Xbox
Mike Tyson Boxing proves that one of history's oldest sports is also one of its bloodiest. The game allows boxers to deliver intense pain to their opponents with 600 brutal power punches, illegal moves, signature blows, and combos. As one of the game's professional pugilists, or your own...
Mike Tyson Boxing
2005 - Mike Tyson Boxing (2005)
Mike Tyson Boxing is a Sports game, developed and published by Player 1, which was released in 2005.
Mike Tyson - Main Event
2011 - Mike Tyson - Main Event
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
1,000,000 downloads in a week!"Get that Mike Tyson iPhone game today, its craccn n its FREE." - Snoop Dogg"Rockin the Mike Tyson Iphone game...nice work Iron Mike." - Justin Bieber"New Mike Tyson iPhone game is pretty rad. Props to Chad Ochocinco he was behind this one." - Ashton Kutcher*** NEW...


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