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4D Sports Driving
1990 - Stunts
Amiga, PC, Amiga, NEC PC98, FM Towns
Larry - Here's a new set of cars of test, Leadfoot. Along with the Countach, Ferrari GTO and Carrera, you get to take a spin the Acura NSX. Try to bring it back in one piece. And let me know how the Vette ZR-1 stands up to the imports. You also have 3 racing cars (Porsche March Indy and 962...
4D Sports Boxing
1990 - 4D Boxing
Atari ST, Amiga, PC, FM Towns, NEC PC98
4D Sports Boxing puts you right in the thick of the fight with some stunningly realistic polygon graphics that really pack a punch. Modeled and simulated on real human movement, 4D Sports Boxing is the most accurate sports simulation ever written. 4D Sports Boxing lets you create and save a camp...
4D Sports Tennis
1990 - 4D Tennis
PC, FM Towns, NEC PC98
4D Sports Tennis is a Sports game, developed by Distinctive Software and published by Mindscape, which was released in 1990.


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