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Games in the "4D Sports" Franchise

  1. Stunts
    1990 - Stunts
    Larry - Here's a new set of cars of test, Leadfoot. Along with the Countach, Ferrari GTO and Carrera, you get to take a spin the Acura NSX. Try to bring it back in one piece. And let me know how the Vette ZR-1 stands up to the imports. You also have 3 racing cars (Porsche March Indy and 962...
  2. 4D Sports Boxing
    1990 - 4D Boxing
    4D Sports Boxing puts you right in the thick of the fight with some stunningly realistic polygon graphics that really pack a punch. Modeled and simulated on real human movement, 4D Sports Boxing is the most accurate sports simulation ever written. 4D Sports Boxing lets you create and save a camp...
  3. 4D Sports Tennis
    1990 - 4D Tennis
    Your dream... To become undisputed World Tennis Champion. And why not? With Mindscape's phenomenal tennis program, nothing lies in your path to the top. Nothing but hours of practice, coaching, exhibition matches, more practice and a series of tournaments that will drain you of every ounce of...


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