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Games in the "Final Zone" Franchise

Final Zone Wolf
1986 - Final Zone Wolf
NEC PC88, Sharp X1, MSX
Final Zone Wolf is an Action game, developed and published by Nippon Telenet, which was released in Japan in 1986.
Final Zone II
1990 - Final Zone II
Turbo CD
You swore bloody vengence when ZOD blew your satellite crew to shreds. Now it's payback time! Your New Age Power Suits turn each member of your elite force into a walking arsenal of destruction, each with it's own awesome fighting power. But you're just five against a renegade weapons society...
FZ Senki Axis
1990 - Final Zone
Sharp X68000, Genesis
You are about to be transported 100 years into the future, where wars are no longer fought by missiles and nuclear bombs. With all weapons of mass destruction banned, the latest wave in warfare is the New Age Power-Suit, or NAP - a robotic combat machine which gives the wearer unheard-of fighting...


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