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ICEE Maker
2011 - ICEE Maker
iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android
Try FreeAppADay! - Get Free Games everyday! Visit the website: or download the app!When the thermometer rises, bring it back down with a refreshing, chilling, ICEE!  Think you’re craving this legendary drink now?  Just wait until you build the ultimate,...
ICEE Arcade
2011 - ICEE Arcade
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
ICEE Arcade has arrived! Enter the arcade and play video games all day long!ICEE Arcade gives you tokens to spend each day so you can play your favorite games. But, if you want even MORE tokens to spend, you go to the Token Machine to buy more. Tokens cost real money so please consider this...
ICEE Store!
2012 - ICEE Store!
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Welcome to the ICEE Store! Here's your chance to build and manage your very own ICEE store! Stock your store with all types of food machines from ICEE drink machines, to pretzels and candy! Decorate your store by changing the walls, floor, lights, and all types of posters!Watch the customers...
ICEE Snowboarding
2012 - ICEE Snowboarding
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Get ready to swipe out! ICEE Bear is going snowboarding! Guide ICEE Bear down the slopes in exciting 3D snowboarding action!See how fast you can go in race mode or how long you can go before you take a tumble in "freezestyle" mode. Either way you can jump off ramps and perform tricks while in...
ICEE Racing
2012 - ICEE Racing
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Let's hit the slopes!! ICEE Bear is going snowboard racing! Help ICEE Bear race over the hills. Going downhill builds speed so you can launch through the air. Going uphill slows you down. Race from slope to slope and nothing can stop you! That's good, because there's a big runaway snowball...


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