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Games in the "Underworld" Franchise

Underworld: Vampire's Night
2003 - Underworld (2003)
Underworld: Vampire's Night is an Action game, developed and published by Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, which was released in 2003.
Underworld: The Eternal War
2004 - Underworld: The Eternal War
PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox
Imagine a war that is centuries old between two immortal races to determine who will rule the night. Masses of vampires are slipping out of the shadows, bristling with modern weaponry and powers. Crawling from beneath the streets, the Werewolves are enraged, itching to tear apart their eternal...
Underworld: Blood Wars
2016 - Underworld: Blood Wars
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Load your guns, sharpen your claws, and build your deck because there's a war to fight in the new Underworld card game! Based on the latest instalments of the popular Underworld film franchise, will your Champions be Lycan, Vampire, or both? Battle in real-time as your Champion, and those...


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