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Games in the "Magnetic Joe" Franchise

Magnetic Joe 2
2009 - Magnetic Joe 2
Mobile, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
We proudly present Magnetic Joe 2. The sequel to the award winning game is now available with tons of new puzzles and features. Help Joe through new action packed levels using a variety of new abilities and upload your best scores online and see how you rank against other Magnetic Joe fans. This...
Magnetic Joe
2009 - Magnetic Joe (2009)
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Magnetic Joe is an arcade game with a revolutionarily simple control method. Your goal is to guide Joe, the little magnetic ball, to the exit of the levels by tapping the touch screen at the right moment. Sounds easy, doesn't it? You would not believe what wide range of possibilities and how much...
Magnetic Joe Bundle
2010 - Magnetic Joe Bundle
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
To celebrate the 250.000 download of Magnetic Joe were bringing out this new bundle which includes the original Magnetic Joe as well as the sequel! 2 games for the price of 1. Buy it now, while this great offer lasts. Magnetic Joe: Magnetic Joe is an arcade game with a revolutionarily...
Magnetic Joe
2011 - Magnetic Joe
Take control of Magnetic Joe, everyone's favorite little magnetic sphere. Guide him through 100 exciting mazes filled with spikes, enemies and other obstacles. Help Joe as he pursues his nemesis, Dr. Magnevil, who's on his way to conquer the world. The mazes are full of magnets that push and pull...


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