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Time Crisis
1996 - Time Crisis
Arcade Games, PlayStation
When Rachel, the President's daughter is kidnapped by a madman, it's up to secret agent Richard Miller to save the day. The only thing standing between Richard and Rachel is an army of henchmen, a dozen or so murderous ninjas, and a few robotic assassins, just for good measure.
Time Crisis II
1997 - Time Crisis II
Arcade Games, PlayStation 2
Agents Keith Martin and Robert Baxter have been sent to find a missing agent. Christy Ryan was last heard from while uncovering a deceptive plan by Neodyne Industries to launch a network of military satellites. The world is in trouble, your fellow agent is in danger, and only you and a friend can...
Crisis Zone
1999 - Time Crisis: Crisis Zone
Arcade Games, PlayStation 2
In Time Crisis: Crisis Zone, a newly opened complex in the outskirts of London has been taken over by a terrorist group, and it's up to you to liberate it. This game lets you interact with the environment like never before in the Time Crisis series--shoot CDs and books off of store shelves, burn...
Time Crisis: Project Titan
2001 - Time Crisis: Project Titan
Time Crisis is back! Secret agent Richard Miller has been framed in the assassination of Caruba's president. A fiendish plot has surfaced. You have only 48 hours to find the president's real killer, clear Agent Miller's name, and uncover the sinister plan. Good luck... and remember, trust no one.
Gunvari Collection + Time Crisis
2002 - Gunvari Collection + Time Crisis
PlayStation 2
Gunvari Collection + Time Crisis is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by Namco, which was released in Japan in 2002.
Time Crisis 3
2002 - Time Crisis 3
Arcade Games, PlayStation 2
The third installment in Namco's light gun shooting franchise, Time Crisis 3 offers exciting, fast-paced shooting action by the world renowned VSSE agents as they fight to save an innocent nation from total annihilation. Choose from four weapons--machine gun, handgun, shotgun, and grenade-- to...
Time Crisis Mobile
2005 - Time Crisis Mobile
Time Crisis Mobile is an Action game, developed and published by Namco, which was released in 2005.
Time Crisis 4
2006 - Time Crisis 4
Arcade Games, PlayStation 3
Now, the most advanced game in the stellar Time Crisis series arrives on the PlayStation3, delivering totally immersive, intense gameplay. Time Crisis 4 is reborn, and includes a full FPS game mode, stunning HD quality graphics and a newly designed Guncon to enhance every aspect of the game....
Time Crisis Strike
2009 - Time Crisis Strike
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Adrenaline-pumping rail-shooter action has arrived big time in Time Crisis Strike. The exciting duck-and-shoot arcade game is now available for your iPhone or iPod touch. Tap the screen to fire your semi-automatic pistol and unleash all-out attacks on Wild Dog’s army. Tilt your iPhone to...
Razing Storm
2009 - Razing Storm
Arcade Games
Razing Storm is an Action game, developed by Nex Entertainment and published by Namco, which was released in Japan in 2009.
Time Crisis Elite
2009 - Time Crisis Elite
Time Crisis Elite is an Action game, developed by Electronic Arts and published by Namco Bandai Games, which was released in Europe in 2009.
Time Crisis 2nd Strike
2010 - Time Crisis 2nd Strike
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
+ slide to Play: 4/4 (Must Have) "If you love shooters, buy this game"+ touchArcade: "If you enjoyed the first Time Crisis Strike, then you should enjoy Time Crisis 2nd Strike as well."+ Silver Award Winner, 8/10TIME CRISIS, the legendary arcade cinematic rail...
Time Crisis: Razing Storm
2010 - Time Crisis: Razing Storm
PlayStation 3
Destroy everything in sight, from the environments to the futuristic terrorists aiming to take you down! Get your gun ready for combat and keep the ammo coming. The future of the free world depends on you and your PlayStation Move motion controller, solider. Provide copy and key features...
Time Crisis 5
2015 - Time Crisis 5
Arcade Games
Time Crisis 5 is an Action game, developed and published by Bandai Namco Games, which was released in Japan in 2015.


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