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The Longest Journey
2000 - The Longest Journey
For thousands of years, the Guardian of the Balance has preserved the Divide between the twin worlds. But now the Guardian has abandoned his tower, the armies of Chaos are advancing, and the fate of the worlds is in the hands of one person... Her name is April Ryan. She is eighteen years old,...
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
2006 - Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
PC, Xbox
Dreamfall continues the story of "The Longest Journey," one of the most critically acclaimed adventure games ever made, and brings adventure gaming into a new era. Focusing on story and characters, Dreamfall features unparalleled 3D visuals, advanced character animations, stunning...
Dreamfall Chapters
2014 - Dreamfall Chapters
Macintosh, Linux, PC, PC, PC, PC, PC, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Dreamfall Chapters continues and concludes the gripping story of Zoe Castillo, the Dreamer. Revisiting familiar locations and characters, and introducing new sights and sounds, new faces, new game mechanics, new thrills and challenges, Dreamfall Chapters takes the player on an emotional,...
The Longest Journey Remastered
2014 - The Longest Journey Remastered
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
The Longest Journey Remastered is a Puzzle game, developed and published by Funcom, which was released in 2014.


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