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Games in the "Flick Champions" Franchise

Flick Champions
2011 - Flick Champions
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Are you the next Roger Federer, Ronaldo or Michael Jordan? Put your sporting skills to the test with Flick Champions. Choose your nation, take part in eight different sports and become the ultimate sporting god. Play in one-off exhibition matches or take on a tournament challenge to get to the...
Flick Champions World Edition
2012 - Flick Champions World Edition
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
The Flick Champions are taking on the World! Get in the sporting mood this summer with Flick Champions Summer Sports. Featuring nine classic tests of human endurance including, Running, the Hammer Throw, Javelin, Kayaking and more! Put your fingers to the test in this dose of addictive sporting...
Flick Champions Winter Sports
2013 - Flick Champions Winter Sports
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Take to the slopes, ice-rinks, and snow in this winter sports-themed edition of Flick Champions. Choose a nation to represent in six winter sports including Slalom, Ski Jumping, Ice Hockey and more. GO FOR GOLDPick a country and lead them to victory. Master the art of flicking to win the gold...


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