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Games in the "Fruit Ninja" Franchise

Fruit Ninja
2010 - Fruit Ninja
iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows Mobile, PlayStation Vita
For the hundreds of millions of fans around the world with trillions of fruit sliced - thank you for you amazing continued support! You have made Fruit Ninja one of the most popular games of all time!Fruit Ninja is a juicy action game enjoyed by millions of players around the world, with squishy,...
Fruit Ninja Kinect
2011 - Fruit Ninja Kinect
Xbox 360, Xbox 360, Xbox 360, Xbox 360, Xbox 360, Xbox 360, Xbox 360, Xbox 360, Xbox 360
YOU are the ninja! The worldwide gaming phenomenon Fruit Ninja has now arrived for Kinect! Your arms are now blades, and the epic battle against the worlds most delicious produce is just beginning. Fruit Ninja Kinect is an amazing evolution of the slice-em-up genre created by Halfbrick, utlising...
Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots
2011 - Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots
iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android
En garde! Fruit meets fairytales in the juiciest iPhone game this year - Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots!The suave fruit-slashing swashbuckler, Puss in Boots, faces a challenge that would make Sensei proud. His search for the Magic Beans brings him to developer Halfbrick's legendary hit game Fruit...
Fruit Ninja Kinect 2
2015 - Fruit Ninja Kinect 2
Xbox One
The blades are drawn. The Dojo is silent. The juicer is plugged in. Join an all-new cast of awesome Fruit Ninja characters in the sequel to one of the biggest Kinect games of all time! FNK2 features all the content of the original hit game, plus five brand new modes to experience - all taking...
Fruit Ninja VR
2016 - Fruit Ninja VR
PC, PlayStation 4, Oculus Quest
Fruit Ninja VR takes squishy, satisfying gameplay and turns it into a virtual reality experience that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels. Step into the Fruit Ninja universe and tackle fruit from all angles - just dont hit the bombs! Take your ninja skills to the next level...


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