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Games in the "Jailbreaker" Franchise

2010 - JailBreaker (2009)
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
*NOW FREE for a LIMITED TIME!* 9 ACTION GAMES in 1 APP! get ready for SHOOTING, EXPLOSIONS, FIGHTING & more...? ? ? ? ? Action Heroes combines a series of action games in one app as separate episodes. Each episode tells a unique heroic story.Be a shadowy hero and save others, or save...
Jailbreaker 2
2011 - Jailbreaker 2
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
*NOW FREE for a LIMITED TIME!*you ESCAPED from JAIL… you made it through 'JAILBREAKER'… but FREEDOM ELUDES you, and you're STILL on the RUN…? ? ? ? ? take to the rooftops, jump over gaps, through the rain, the lightning, through it all, they're still after you…keep...
Mini Jailbreaker
2012 - Mini Jailbreaker
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
*NOW FREE for a LIMITED TIME!*no prison can hold YOU... for LONG!BUST OUT of THE CLINK and RUN for YOUR LIFE in the GREATEST ESCAPE of all TIME! ? ? ? ? ? Who needs shoes when you’ve got guts? Run and jump for your life in an old-school mad dash where every second is more intense than the...


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